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We believe that name-your-own pricing services will revolutionize the small jobs market.

The On-Demand Economy is booming and many small job services and communities are still left unfulfilled. SnapTask creates a platform for services that are either ordinarily too expensive or impractical to fulfill through traditional companies or other on-demand business models. We do this by connecting helpful and skilled individuals with people in need of various small-job services.




Target Market


Revenue from just 1% of Target Market

What We're Building

SnapTask is mobile peer-to-peer network that helps people accomplish their daily tasks for less by eliminating the middleman and connecting them directly with nearby qualified, peer-reviewed helpers.


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Where we're going

It is no longer a question of if the On-Demand Economy will revolutionize the way people transact or create thousands of jobs... this is already happening. Where there is a “surplus” of rooms, drivers, restaurants, or 1099 contractors - the on- demand economy takes this surplus and puts it to work for the benefit of the workers, consumers and the communities in which they reside. SnapTask's name-your-own price platform allows for faster adoption rates in most smaller communities across the U.S. along with all major metropolitan areas as well.


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